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After WhatsApp’s introduction of its newer privacy policy, the world is uninstalling WhatsApp, and flocking to Signal and Telegram apps.

The move isn’t foolish, but rather quite similar to what one mostly does on the Facebook platform (a reason why Facebook is so big today): Vent their anger/distress/frustration, rather than bringing the desired change.

It’s quite ineffectual in restoring whatever you think is lost to Facebook.

The amount of data that you prevent from being shared is equivalent to a jellyfish in the Pacific ocean.

If you delete an app, the only thing that happens is it stops consuming space on your device and stops tracking you any further. It may remove any data that you created in your last moments just before removing it that hasn’t been synced with servers.

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As of this writing, WhatsApp released a newer version of its privacy policy on Jan 4, 2021.

Among other things, it mentions:

We are one of the Facebook Companies. You can learn more further below in this Privacy Policy about the ways in which we share information across this family of companies.

When I opened WhatsApp yesterday, I was greeted with a prompt to read the fine print. Among other things, it talks highly about “End to end encryption.” WhatsApp even has a ridiculous 30-second video informing users about the existence of End-to-end encryption, without any attempt to explain it.

WhatsApp uses E2E…

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Against Steve Job’s wishes, iTunes was released for Windows in 2003. The move skyrocketed iPod sales into a completely different universe. Yet, Steve Jobs nudged Microsoft so much so as to term it the best app written for Windows.

Something happened yesterday that betrayed that deja-vu feeling: Microsoft, as part of its flagship Project Monarch announced that it will move the existing Outlook client app (for Windows and Mac) to a fully-web-based version.

Sometimes in 2022, the PC and Mac versions of Outlook client will cease to exist — only web access will be available on desktops.

What is Project Monarch:

Project Monarch is the end-goal for Microsoft’s “One Outlook” vision, which aims to build a single Outlook client that works across PC, Mac, and the Web. Right now, Microsoft has a number of different Outlook clients for desktop, including Outlook Web, Outlook (Win32) for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Mail & Calendar on Windows 10. …

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While 2020 has affected many programmers' lives for better rather than worse (unlike other workers whose paycheck depends on going to the workplace), the recession has hit several programmers’ lives.

In general, programmers aren’t a happy lot. Programming is the 9th most stressful profession. That’s not much to worry about, except for the fact that all of the leading 8 professions (except artists) come under the blue-collar category.

There is a silver lining in the sky though. There are learnings in the programming discipline that can alter a programmer’s mindset. So here goes the list.

#1: Interface != Implementation:

What looks like a crisis could be an opportunity in disguise. …

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Ever since Apple took a high stand against advertising without consent from iOS 14, its stand against the current ad-giant Facebook is conspicuous.

However, the same cannot be said about Google.

To evaluate Apple’s chances in the Search arena, one must evaluate the motivations of both companies.

The paths are intersecting, just now:

Apple’s relationship with Google isn’t exactly that of competitors. They are codependent. Google has paid Apple $8-$12 Billion to keep Google as the default iOS browser. There is an antitrust lawsuit already that could bring harm to both of them, not just Google.

Imagine, $8-$12B just to keep it the default, not to eliminate others. That’s the value Google ascribes to its search business. That’s also the value it ascribes to being on every platform because it doesn’t have a strong platform of its own. Android is its licensed OS, and it has to rely on hardware partners to keep its roots strong among mobile users. …

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Since the release of iOS 14, Facebook has been in a constant spat with Apple.

Facebook said that Apple’s privacy-killing consent box could erode its revenues worldwide in the audience network, a framework allowing other apps (Tiktok et al) to display Facebook ads based on ad-identifier (IDFA).

Now, Facebook has come up with a full-page newspaper ad against Apple, citing that Apple’s restrictions on ads are preventing small and medium business owners from growing.

Recent EU laws surrounding DMA and DSA could potentially affect both Apple and Facebook.

It could affect Apple because DMA aims to thwart anti-competitive measures by tech megaliths who act as content gatekeepers (app platforms and search engines for example). …

Can Google Split?

Yesterday, the EU finalized DMA and DSA laws.

According to DMA, content gatekeepers would have to allow users to remove pre-installed software. They wouldn’t be able to…

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Recently, there has been widespread agitation against whiteboard interviews across the industry.

They are stressful, and the industry has already acknowledged it widely.

But apart from that, in most cases, they weed out true positives. Max Howell, the creator of Homebrew, was famously rejected by Google for being unable to finish a task in time during a whiteboard interview.

Enter coding assignments. They are sold as a panacea for every software evaluation problem.

The Obvious Benefits of At-Home Coding Assignments:

Senior devs literally salivate at the opportunity of being remotely-tested with coding assignments

#1: They are done at home, which means all the stress factors associated with whiteboard interviews (or live coding sessions) are ruled out. …

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Disclaimer: This article is about the free version of Gmail ( I haven’t tried Gmail for business, or G-suit, and do not know if it applies to them or not.

When I logged into my Gmail today, I saw a consent box asking me a bizarre set of permissions:

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UPDATE (6th Jan 2021):

The figures are actually higher: $1M proceeds are allowed before 30% kicks in, instead of the stated $850K. This was due to misinterpreted news at the time of writing this. Thank you @sercand8i for pointing this out. Bit late to change the title, hence the update.

Past its first announcement of Apple Silicon-based macs in June 2020, the world has been in a constant state of awe how Apple could possibly ditch Intel.

But it happened. I wrote about it in June already.

I had forecasted: The developer base for Apple will consolidate, and it would be much more lucrative to develop for Apple. …

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