How to Crush Your Next Senior Developer Interview

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The key to succeed at senior developer interview is to understand how you succeeded in your junior developer interviews.

And understanding that same strategy does not work for senior developer interview.

Junior Developer Interviews are too predictable:

Every employer / interviewer knows beforehand:

  • You have practiced enough Leetcode
  • You have read CTCI back to back thrice
  • You have watched enough Youtube Interview videos

Cracking a junior dev interview doesn’t depend on how much you know, but how you end up with the execution.

And how you communicate your every programming step to the interviewer.

What makes Senior Devs beef up in their interviews:

Applying the same above strategies that has prepared them for junior developer interviews.

Show your human side first:

You must show your human side in your interviews.

  • Stop sounding robotic. Don’t use tech jargon heavy speech. Instead, give a summary of what you did using what technologies in shortest possible way. (Good example: I developed entire back end using Node.js and deployed using Docker.)
  • Appreciate what’s worth appreciating e.g. flexibility in interview scheduling, or directions help while reaching to the interview spot.
  • Avoid using lingos that resemble Corporate Mission statements (Bad example: I am committed to provide the best combination of quality and integrity for your esteemed organization. Good example: I believe in writing robust, testable code that is well-documented.)

Opinions hold more value over technical expertise:

Senior devs hold the torch to guide their crew.

  • Why TDD is a rule, though you had little opportunity to check out Selenium that’s used by interviewers’ team

Expect surprises:

Surprises are much more likely in senior dev interviews because they are deliberately designed to test your conflict-resolution abilities.

  • Avoid complaining tone. It shows you were on the problematic side, not the solution one.
  • Do not forget to mention how you attempted to reach out to your colleagues and make amends / ask for resolutions.

Tell your life’s story:

Senior Developer Interviews test your experience. And that just doesn’t have to include programming. It’s life too.

  • Your worst shortcomings in spat with friends
  • How you came up with that product idea while vacationing on the beach or taking a shower


Being a good programmer requires great Github, nice looking blog, and intense mental energy to go through the grueling technical interview process.

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