My Comprehensive Guide to Senior Developer Interviews

Pen Magnet
2 min readFeb 26, 2022
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It’s the essence of my senior developer interview thought process.

During pandemics, my 18-month long serial-rejection jinx led me to a deep soul-searching phase. I learned new skills-no results. I learned about STAR, but it wasn’t enough. Fully exploiting STAR to your advantage either requires lying a lot in the interviews or delving much deeper into yourself.

I chose the latter part.

After 20% online research + 80% introspection, I came up with the most comprehensive 170-pages guide to senior developer interviews (if you are among the first 100, you will receive a special 50% Medium reader discount with that link).

The full guide contains:

  • STAR methodology: Explanation of STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result), and its roots
  • 8 STAR format interview questions with analysis: They are presented with the most common developer work-life situations, tasks, actions, and results fully described.
  • 18 Additional STAR format questions: They are workout questions with hint answers and analysis. You can practice them with your own situations.
  • 15 non-STAR format questions: They are included with example answers and in-depth analysis
  • Question variations: Learn how one question can be asked in several ways
  • 11 Interview tips: Mental tricks to retain confidence and exhibit smartness
  • Vocabulary: 100+ most helpful English words to form interview answers
  • Developer-centric answers and insights: The senior developer interview material on the web is awesome, but is mostly centered around sales roles. Giving those answers makes you sound like a parrot. This book contains realistic answers that closely correlate with a developer’s daily work routine.
  • Needless to say: All buyers will get unlimited future updates to the book, which means newer interview Q & A material + other helpful tips.

Don’t want to get the eBook?

I also decided to share my learning with the Medium community. So if you would rather not want the discount (or somehow miss it), I have shared most of the learnings on Medium in The Day I Decided to Apply For Amazon Architect Role.

Getting the full eBook, on the other hand, will save the precious time you could spend reading other great Medium content.



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