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4 min readAug 1, 2022
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Tomorrow, the US speaker of Congress Nancy Peloski would probably reach Republic of China, popularly known to the world as Taiwan.

Yes, the factory “nation” that powers our smart-everything, refrigerators, washing machines, car displays, and much more.

I am no political analyst. But as a programmer who has worked and lived in both the US and a country bordering Russia, I am pre-occupied with apocalyptic worries more than an average world citizen. Hence, this article.

It is one of the rare nights when I have turned OFF the TV much before going to bed. I have returned to my keyboard.

Usually before going to bed, I watch TV. At night, I always watch YouTube. The content I like have some element of sensation in it. My type of late-night YouTube items are:

  • How startup X quadrupled its valuation in a year
  • How Y went from $100 to $10000 in 4-weeks
  • How Z reduced his/her weight from 250 lbs to 170 lbs under 2 weeks
  • How focus helps idle people like me find meaning in life

I rarely watch news. When I do, it is mostly positive trends, or transformative content, such as:

  • Job growth in United States, (yet) people leaving their 9–5 en-mass
  • Rise of crypto/gold/bonds
  • People learning life-skills to accomplish amazing things

However, today I came across a news item about US speaker Ms Nancy Peloski visiting Taiwan. And I couldn’t follow my natural reflex of swiping right on the smart TV remote.

Usually, I am quite tense while watching TV. Today, I was rather at ease before I watched the news about Peloski’s Taiwan visit. And peace felt unsettling.

Any time of my being at ease with my present — that priceless period of calmness when you no longer think about tomorrow — had always been jinxed with an upcoming unsettling event — be it my personal or professional life. Today, this unsettlement seems to relate to the world.

A tinge on my index finger told me that nothing would remain the same from tomorrow, when Peloski’s aircraft convoy would land in Taiwan.

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